Super Happy Fun Time Play Gym


Non-structured Open Play. Non-members welcome daily.

Perfect for Toddlers, we work with ages 12 months (walking) to 6 years of age. Our ultimate goal is to build each individual child’s specific gross motor skills, balance, and coordination while burning off some energy. The children just think we are playing games but they are really working out their little bones and muscles and building these skills. We supply the activities for you and your child to play. 

For the play gym schedule 


Open Play

Examples of our games for Special events and Parties:

  • Hoop games would include hopping in various ways and directions.
  • Scarf games would include reaching and grabbing, chasing and grabbing, and running and catching.
  • Pushing games would include pushing pieces of equipment in and out, up and down, rolling forward and backward.
  • Balance games would include walking on small balance beams, balancing objects while moving them place to place, and building blocks.

Our Equipment

Our inflatables are small and easily accessed for small children.

  • Plastic climbing equipment balance beam, slides, rock wall, etc.
  • High-density foam climbing equipment different levels and shapes.
  • Small inflatables easily accessible for a toddler.
  • Floor toys: rockers, riding toys, sit and spins, blocks, cones, ball pit, etc.






Please Note:
1) SOCKS ARE MANDATORY for children and adults.
2) Open Play Visits are 2 Hours Maximum.
3) 40 Child Max at all times. First come, First serve basis.
4) Must arrive no later than 45 minutes prior to closing time to attend Open Play.
5) Play groups of 5 children or more, must give 24 hour notice.
6) All Specialty Classes are by Appointment Only.
7) Appointments must be made 3 days in advance.

Meet The Play Gym Director

Jessica Koonts